English For Crisis Management – McDonalds in China

American TV network FOX NEWS here has a report on McDonalds and crisis management in China.

A McDonalds spokesman tell us what the company will do in response to complaints from the Chinese government:

We will immediately investigate this isolated incident, resolutely deal with it and take concrete actions to apologize to consumers,“ said a statement by the U.S.-based restaurant chain on its website.

We will take measures to ensure to implement the relevant provisions to safeguard the interests of consumers,“ said a statement on the website of Carrefour’s China unit.

to use with your customers, or boss!

1.  deal with…
Ex.: I’ll deal with the delivery problem right away.

2. take concrete actions to…
Ex.: We’ll take concrete actions to solve this problem.

3. take measures to…
Ex.: We’ll take measures to prevent this from happening again.

Your customers or boss will love hearing this!

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