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10 Important British Idioms In 10 Minutes

The „Eat, Sleep, Dream English“ videos are great too watch if you are planning a trip to Great Britain. The next one presents 10 British Idioms in 10 Minutes:

More vocabulary for England…

English For Excessive Celebration – 10 Words For Describing Your Level Of Alcohol-Induced Impairment

Today we bring something more on the humorous side.

Where Does The Word „Hooligan“ Come From?

It’s football time, and again in the media we are hearing the word “hooligan” to describe rowdy and violent fans. Where does this word come from? No one knows for sure. There are several theories regarding the origin of the word “hooligan”. The Compact Oxford English Dictionary writes that the word comes from the surname […]

English For Crisis Management – McDonalds in China

American TV network FOX NEWS here has a report on McDonalds and crisis management in China. A McDonalds spokesman tell us what the company will do in response to complaints from the Chinese government: We will immediately investigate this isolated incident, resolutely deal with it and take concrete actions to apologize to consumers,“ said a […]