Vocabulary: to prove, to control, to approve

This Week’s Lesson

German business and technical workers often use the following verbs incorrectly:

* to prove means beweisen, and not prüfen.
proof means Beweis
For prüfen, you can use to check, to inspect or to test.

– to approve, which means freigeben or zustimmen and not prüfen.
approval means Zustimmung or Freigabe and not Prüfung
For prüfen, you can use: to check, to inspect or to test.

– to control, which means steuern or regeln, and not kontrollieren
control means Steuerung or Herrschaft
For kontrollieren, you can use: to check, or to inspect.

Example use: to prove
– Your signature on this document proves that you knew.
– This result doesn’t prove anything!
– A photo ID is proof of your identity.

Example use: to approve
– The company approved buying from this supplier.
– The managing director approved her decision.

Example use: to control
A computer controls all the machine functions.
He lost control of the vehicle and had an accident.

Exercises: right or wrong!

1. An inspector controls the temperature every hour.
2. The managing director must approve all big decisions.
3. This photo proves that she was at the meeting.
4. You have to prove the quality every 10 minutes.
5. Can you prove to see if Harry is in his office?
6. I agree. I approve your idea.
7. One moment, I’ll prove the price in the computer.

Answers: 1) wrong: The inspector checks… 2) correct. 3) correct. 4) wrong: You have to check… 5) wrong: Can you check to see if… 6) correct. 7) wrong: One moment, I’ll check the price…

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